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INOGNIDOVE Edition emerges from a thought connected to time, related to the historical moment we are experiencing. We realized that rhythms have changed, everything runs slower and undefined. This feeling transported us into a more conscious approach of NI-DO philosophy, letting us feeling free to imagine a connection between time, place and identity.

From Alberto Burri and his Arte Informale, originated from an undefined historical moment, the need of a spontaneous communication was born.
This concept has tied us to the artist, particularly to his job “Il Cretto di Gibellina” land art work which keeps alive a place through the memory of time.
Time has stopped, the circle is complete, Maddalena mount, comforting place of our city, where you can lose yourself into the nature, is burnt.
New colours, smells and sounds gave birth to a new landscape, that carried us into the perfect set for INOGNIDOVE Edition.

This familiar place gave us a new perspective, so we decided to launch a drop of Bolla, our iconic bag, to observe them under a new point of view. In INOGNIDOVE Edition handles and bags match together, creating a mix of nuances that bring to life a limited edition monochrome game.

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