The collaboration between MATO and NIDO is the result of a shared aesthetic and conscious sensitivity.

The meeting of two souls whose leitmotiv is the creation of handmade accessories.

The reuse of the leather from the cuttings of the latest edition of NIDO gives a third life to the material and thus makes the collection unique.

3 pieces: two earrings and a keyring in a distinctive inspiration game that combines the geometric design of the Nido Bolla with the fluid and irregular shapes of Mato.

The selection of leather scraps and the embroidery of glass beads are strung one by one to make each piece unique and precious.


Our production follows a conscious approach, which consists in recovering excess leather pieces from the high-end Italian luxury industry mill. We create handmade bags that are produced in limited batches, with a close attention to the artisanal process. Our approach minimizes waste and excessive production rates. Our “editions” don’t follow the traditional fashion calendar but are released upon availability of raw materials in an effort to minimize left overs. 


NIDO favourites

NIDO_Pupilla-bag_ice_reference image with model 2
NIDO Bolla Micro bag holding hands background


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