Erica Fascendini

The collab between NIDO and Enrica Fascendini is the result of conscious and aesthetic sensibility.
A meeting of two souls which leitmotiv is the creation of handcrafted unique pieces, with the use of recicyled materials.
One bag in three nouances: Soy Milk, Anice and Peach, in a inspiration game that combines the world of NIDO accessories to the textures and embroidery handmade by Erica Fascendini.
The selection of the reclaimed materials, the manual creation of plissè and bows hand-stitched, making every single peaces different and unique.
It was born spontaneously through our vision of connection, inclusivity, and imperfection. We reflected on the concept of light related to self-perception. Everyone emits their own light in a perfect or imperfect way, based on the feelings they experience. No matter how intense the light is, it is always present and accompanies us. It gives character, welcomes fears, has the ability to constantly rebuild itself, and makes us unique.
To always shine.



NI•DO creates beautifully crafted products with a genuine commitment to responsible production. Our items are handmade in small Italian workshops that we carefully selected because they share our values.

We recover excess leather generated during the high-end Italian fashion industry’s production process to create our limited-batch collections. Each item is made with great attention to the artisanal process as our master craftsmen carefully assemble it, ensuring that every detail is executed with precision and skill, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product.

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