It slides naturally through ours shapes, create a new shades that mix together.
Between light, darkness and glimmers of our imagination, we collect the sweetest and most precious nectar.
Rich in wonder, it’s released in new forms to transform itself into Miele Edition.


Romantic, bon ton, refined, the bow is full of meaning, one of the earliest forms of adornment. It reached its heyday in the 1600s when it was applied to clothing, accessories and on the hair. A jewel in the shape of a bow symbolized the union between Charles Albert of Savoy and Maria Theresa, so it was called a “ love bond“ and became a sign of union.

A symbol of a free bond that can be loosed at any moment, the bow expresses the concept of freedom. This very meaning inspired us in making it the leitmotif of our first bijoux capsule.

Four pieces: two necklaces, and three hair clips, presented in the brand’s distinctive shades of Ivory and Amber. Handmade in Italy with recycled plexiglass and reclaimed leather laces from the scraps of bag processing.

The selection of leather cuttings and the exquisite craftsmanship help make each piece of bijoux unique and rare.



NI•DO creates beautifully crafted products with a genuine commitment to responsible production. Our items are handmade in small Italian workshops that we carefully selected because they share our values.

We recover excess leather generated during the high-end Italian fashion industry’s production process to create our limited-batch collections. Each item is made with great attention to the artisanal process as our master craftsmen carefully assemble it, ensuring that every detail is executed with precision and skill, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product.

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