dwells where intimacy
and affection live.

About NIDO

Born in 2018, NIDO is a Made in Italy leather goods brand founded by us, two lovers: Nicola (CEO and Co-Founder) and Domiziana (Creative Director and Co-Founder), partners in life and in business. Bound by a mutual vision, we have always known that one day we would create something of our own. “Our core lies in a place where our masculine and feminine identities can merge together as one, complementing each other.”


Since 2006, a perpetual artistic dialogue between us has been evolving into a profound design language.

Our daily life is our main source of inspiration: we transform experiences into shapes, colors and textures. “Nature’s textures, colors’ chemistry, light and how it shapes various objects.” Nicola and Domiziana


Our handbag editions are characterized by clean, sophisticated and essential lines, ranging from soft tones to bold hues. The result is not only eye-candy but also an overall functional product.

The editions are dynamic, new colors and materials during the seasons dress our pieces.

Every detail is thought through to make them distinctive and unique. Details really make the difference.
We aim at creating simple objects but with idiosyncratic characteristics.

NIDO Design picture about us 3
La Bolla

Do you know where the inspiration for our Bolla comes from?

“While at university, I bought a Betta fish and I suddenly felt in love with it. I learned that the male creates a bubble nest in which its offsprings will be hosted. Within the innermost layer of it, the eggs are laid by the female, while the surrounding ones are empty, they serve as protectors of the most precious. I’ve told Nicola, my boyfriend, this story and there came the origin of everything.” Domiziana, Creative Director e Co-Founder

The resin ring handles, inserted halfway through the bag’s walls, create peculiar light tricks. Half sunk in and half emerging from the leather, the resin handle symbolizes the fusion of our two distinctive personalities, blending into a symmetrical, circular, infinite figure.