Italian Craftsmanship

Our bags are crafted in small Italian workshops, selected by us because of their shared values. For what concerns production, we rely on the expertise of the talented craftspeople that work inside our chosen factory located just outside Bologna, Italy. Their master hands know how to piece perfectly together our bags, making them into unique works of art typical of Italian craftsmanship.

Leather 2.0

Our production follows a conscious approach, which consists in recovering excess leather pieces from the high-end Italian luxury industry mill. We create handmade bags that are produced in limited batches, with a close attention to the artisanal process. Our approach minimizes waste and excessive production rates. Our “editions” don’t follow the traditional fashion calendar but are released upon availability of raw materials in an effort to minimize left overs. 

Being socially sustainable means we allocate the labour all year round.

Our Nest-like Packaging

Over the years we’ve committed to improving the packaging in which our beloved bags get shipped to you in order to produce the most sustainable version of it we could possibly come up with. By doing that we’ve gotten rid of every single trace of plastic or non-recyclable material in favor of much more green ones.