Italian Artisan workshop

Made in Italy

NIDO wants to create bags that are unique objects, which will be worn season after season, without losing their essential style and quality over time, reflecting our passion.

In order to do so, we decided to plan production with a conscious approach, recovering exceeding leather from the Italian fashion industry, creating handmade bags, produced in limited quantities, with close attention to the manual process, created in small workshops of craftsmen, who share our same values: quality and attention to detail.

This concept minimizes waste and excessive production rates, giving to the artisans work which is distributed during all periods of the year and not only in the phases predefined by the launch of the seasonal collections.

in this way our collections are always on the move, new colors and materials during the seasons dress our must-have model, “The Bolla”, characterized by the resin ring handles that enter halfway between the bag, and then appears curious in the light, two halves that coexist and always find a common point, just like the meeting of our personalities.